I was lucky enough to grow up in this beautiful county. When I was 3 years old, my family was adopted by an ancient well driller, Gene Lovisone  (affectionately referred to as Grandpa Gene). He helped my family build a thriving well drilling and pump business here in Lake County for twelve years during my childhood. My Dad then moved and now operates his well drilling and pump business out of Pagosa Springs, Colorado.  From the time I was three years old, Grandpa Gene shared his local knowledge about the geology and where and how to get the best water from the sometimes difficult ground conditions in this County. I took his wisdom with me in life as I  drilled across the Southwest. In 2015, my family decided to move to Middletown, because we wanted to give our two children the opportunity to experience the benefits of growing up in such a great small town. When we spoke to our long time friend and Realtor, he shared the need for another local well driller, with local knowledge and experience. We put a plan into motion to launch JAK Drilling LLC. In September 2015, we like many others, lost our home in the Valley Fire. With this setback behind us, we are now excited to offer our experience, knowledge and services to Lake County and surrounding area. We look forward to meeting you!


Kharom Hellwege

grandpa jean drill

Grandpa Gene In 1986 Cobb Store. Thank you Tish for the picture!